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dolfan stan retires on 4/21 1981 - 2007

dolfan stan enters the press conference room )

wearing a gray jacket, his dolphins tie and hat. and trademark dolfan stan sunglasses.

dolfan stan gains his composure..

Dear Dolfan Nation, Media, Family & Friends,

I know all dolfans,like myself have been waiting for this day for a while. After 27 years of being dolfan stan, I stand before you today to announce my retirement for good as dolfan stan, effective today 4/21/07.

( dolfan stan gets a Little choked up, eyes get a little misty )

35 seconds go by...

Since 1981 until now, I have lived a Miami Dolfan life that most people would dream of.
From dolfan stan meet & greets to dolfan tailgate parties, community events, radio & tv commercials, dolphins season ticket holder, dolphinmania ,dolphins booster club, and more.

Most of you dolfans know the dolfan stan story, but for those of you who don't I actually started my dolfan career as Stan The Dolfan in 1981. After several tailgate parties at the old Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, and living, breathing the aqua & orange is was my destiny at that time to become the Miami Dolphins # 1 Fin-Attic. I stand here before you today, to say that my dolfan dream did come true indeed.

When the Miami Dolphins moved to Joe Robbie Stadium in 1987, I had the chance to meet Dennis Sym aka Dolfan Denny. Who was a good friend and passed away recently on 3/17/07. Dolfan Denny would always spend time with me on and off the field in my quest to take my dolfan dream even farther. I thank Dolfan Denny for that and may he rest in peace.

In the late 1980's when Joe Robbie Stadium opened, I changed my name from Stan The Dolfan too just Dolfan Stan and the rest was history. I became a regular photo add in Dolphin Digest for years.. the official news publication of the Miami Dolphins. It was there I started my dolfan club called " Dolphinmania " With much success do to marketing I had received dolfan stan fan mail from all over the world. Spanning the globe if you will.This gave me the chance to hook up with a nice lady called Dolfan Milly, and the Dolphins Booster Club from Plantation, Florida. I worked closely with the Dolphins Booster Club for years until there imminent demise. The booster club folded in the mid 1990's I believe.

But that didn't stop me from continuing my dream as Dolfan Stan. From then on I continued working with local and state charities. Organized dolfan tailgate parties, did several radio and tv commercials, and continued my " Dolphinmania Club " into the late 1990's. I folded my Dolphinmania Club in 1998 due to overextending myself and exhaustion

In 1998 when Dan Marino retired and Dolfan Denny retired in 1999, I announced then my retirement as dolfan stan only to make a comeback in the 2000 - 01 football season. For the last 6 years I have been not as active as I once was. The old body and mind can take its toll on you. Nonetheless I still held dolfan stan meet & greets, held on to my dolphins season tickets and most recently had the opportunity in 2005 to make a cameo appearance in the Miami Dolphins " This Is My Seat " TV Commercial with Big PaPa Pump and the Miami Finattic, and Dolfan Mike. It was aired on the internet and sunshine network. Fun time was had by all.

In recent months, rumors have been swirling around the state of florida that I'm officially retiring as dolfan stan, only to uproot my family to seattle, wa to become seahawk stan or moving to pittsburgh, pa to become steeler stan. I stand here before you today and say for the final time, that these rumors are preposterous. End of Story.

One of the most difficult decisions in someones life, would be to give up their season tickets to their favorite sports team. This was the case with me, dolfan stan. ( dolfan stan gets emotional.. takes a 20 second pause ) After many many years of being a Miami Dolphins Season Ticket holder I have decided to cancel my renewel of my dolphins season tickets effective today as well, along with my retirement as dolfan stan. This was a very difficult decision. But a decision I had to make. It will give future generations of dolfans to purchase my seats and give them the opportunity of a lifetime, I once had. To all the dolfans in Section 126 & Section 155. I will miss you on gamedays for sure. I have met some wonderful dolfans in those sections over my dolfan stan career, and I will have memories that will last a lifetime.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank some friends of mine that rock & rolled the state of florida in the 1980's & 90's. Greg Billings, Tom King, John Price and the late great Ronnie Wayne Garvin.. simply know as the STRANGER BAND. When I was a rookie dolfan stan in my 20's and early 30's I would always catch a STRANGER show and sing SWAMP WOMAN with the band onstage. Thanks for the memories guys.

15 second delay...

A reporter asked me a few weeks ago, how I would like all dolfans to remember dolfan stan as ?

Well, that is a tough question... Simply put, would be for me to be remembered as a die hard Miami Dolfan, that would live, breath the aqua and orange. A well minded community person as well. I hope that the dolfans that I have met in the last 27 years would feel the same way. I NEVER met a Miami Dolfan I didn't like or enjoyed talking to.

The best fans in the NFL are Miami Dolfans !

Some of my fondest memories as dolfan stan was in the 1980's I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Tim Robbie & family, Doln Shula and Dan Marino.

Tim Robbie gave me the the phins torch and let me run with it. He was kind, and I enjoyed serving as dolfan stan under the Robbie Family.

Don Shula & Dan Marino... Well what can I say. I'm speechless. Probably most of the world's most notable sports figures in recent history. Don had a very unique coaching style, and Dan had a rocket for an arm. I remember the good old dolfan stan days watching Danny throw to Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. There wasn't a ball those two couldn't catch with Danny and the helm. I was able to attend the NFL Hall Of Fame Ceromonies in Canton, Ohio in 2005 when Danny Marino was inducted into the hall. I have memories and pictures of that weekend ......that again, will last a lifetime. Thank you guys.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my close dolfan stan inner circle confidants.
Dolfan Glenn, Dolfan Chuck, Dolfan Jimmy, Dolfan Ma Ma, Dolfan Mike, Dolfan Vivian, Dolfan Hurricane Mike, Dolfan Dan M. and Dolfan Ryan. These dolfans were the core of my meet & greets over the years. The glue, The fabric. They helped me hold down the fish tank when things got tough during the season. They would always be there for me during my tenure as dolfan stan. Dolfan Glenn is very kind and always took in new dolfans at his home, at Tolison Stadium. Those memories will last a lifetime as well. I'll still be around guys and appreciate your fin friendship over the years.

In goes without saying that my 3 favorite spots in South Florida would have to be Blarney Castle , THE RUSTIC INN & Lesters Diner. My many many thanks to Dolfan Ma Ma Marie. For all the years she put up with us dolfans staying out her hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl on gameday weekends. Blarney Castle became a central dolfan stan location for many years. I hope we didn't get to rowdy for you Dolfan Ma Ma Marie. We will still be in touch.

The Rustic Inn ? Well I NEVER EVER met a mallet I didn't like. The Rustic Inn became the hot spot in the late 1980's and 1990's located in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl The night before the games or after a game on Sunday evenings. I highly recommend the COMBINATION PLATTER. And get a table outside on the deck. That way when you bang your mallets for a dolfan fight song on a dolfan birthday, everyone can cheer. If you do go there for lunch or dinner tell them retired dolfan stan sent you !

Nothing cures a good hangover in the morning like Lesters Diner on State Road 84 in, Davie, Florida. The best eggs and coffee in town. It's worth the wait in line. Before tailgate parties on Sunday, Lesters Diner would always cater to dolfan stan fans alike. Coffee was fresh, and the eggs and potatoes are awesome. Never had a bad breakfast there as dolfan stan. Thank you Lesters Diner for 27 years of good grub on Sunday morning before a dolphins game !

It goes without saying that my cousin Dolfan Allen who passed away in the mid 1990's was a true inspiration to me to be super dolfan stan early in my career. The memories I have attending Miami Dolphins games with him, and cheering countless weekends for our Phins, will also have memories that will last a lifetime as well.

In years to come I plan on auctioning off some of my dolfan stan memorabilia. This would include authentic dolfan stan tee shirts, golf shirts, DS license plates, mugs, autographs, etc. All proceeds will go to a non profit charity of my choice. Will also donate some of my dolfan stan memorabilia to the Miami Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium. Also the Florida Sports Hall Of Fame.

While my dolfan stan promotions department will be ceasing operations effective next Friday, 4/27/07, I have chose to keep my website up and running on a very limited basis for years to come. I have chose this to let present and future miami dolfans a place to visit and learn the history behind , now retired legend dolfan stan. All Miami Dolfans will be able to visit the photo gallery and retain a copy of my dolfan stan retirement speech for their miami dolphins collection.

In closing, I might indeed be retiring as dolfan stan today. But I will always cheer on TV for the Dolphins when the opportunity presents itself. It seems so surreal that I will not be at any home games live anymore @ Dolphin Stadium. This 2007 NFL season, as training camp approaches and we get close to opening day.. it will be a very difficult time for me NOT to be at Dolphin Stadium with you dolfans live for the first time in 27 years. I hope one day in years to follow that I would be able to comeback to Dolphin Stadium as a GUEST of the Dolphins to enjoy a playoff game. That day could be called Legend Retired Dolfan Stan Day ? If I had one little regret in my tenure as dolfan stan the last 27 years was that the Miami Dolphins never gave me a super bowl championship. Saw alot of great games ! But never had the opportunity to experience the euforia, the bedlam, and the pandemonium that one feels when your team wins a championship.

(dolfan stan takes a drink of water to clear is throat.....)

At this time I would like to take this opportunity to nominate a few fellow dolfans to take over the Phins torch to be the next superfan dolfan if you will after today, on my retirement as dolfan stan. These 3 people are very fit for the task it takes to be the next super dolfan. And they are Big Pa Pa Pump, The Miami Finattic, and The Fin Heads. All have been die hard miami dolfans for years and deserve the right to step in where I ( dolfan stan ) have left off. I will NOT be involved in the selection process, as I will be retired as dolfan stan. But I will be available after June of 2007 .. very very very briefly as a dolfan consultant to the miami dolfans for the selection process in the quest to find the next dolfan super fan. Good Luck guys !

As I enter the next chapter of my life, being in my mid 40's now, I intend to spend more time with my family, wife & children in their daily activities which currently include soccer and baseball. I will be retiring in the Central Florida area, with brief visits to the New Smyrna Beach, Fl & St. Augustine, Fl area. I will like to spend some time cheering on the University of Central Florida KNIGHTS football team as well. College football has always been a passion of mine, and what a better way to spend my dolfan stan retirement, would be to cheer on the KNIGHTS !

So I leave you dolfans here today as dolfan stan. I would encourage you to find the passion and the compelling emotion you have to cheer on your Miami Dolphins through the good times and bad like I have had the opportunity to do for the last 27 years as dolfan stan.

As future football seasons go by, and times get tough... always wear your Miami Dolfan clothes proud and loud. I hope I have made a difference in all dolfans life the last 27 years.

Thank you for letting me into your homes, your radio, your tv, dolfan stan meet & greets, and tailgate parties over the years.

God Bless You and your family..

Have a great Phins Day as they say..

Your maimi dolfan friend always..

Retired Dolfan Stan

June 1981 - April 2007

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